Our spaces

Camoruco is a unique and memorable hotel

From the moment you step foot into Camoruco, a sense of unparalleled comfort awaits you. The sight of lush greenery in our central courtyard, accompanied by birds alighting on your table as you read, and their melodies whispering secrets.
The Camoruco team takes immense pride and joy in being a part of your experience in your home at the Colombian Llanos.

Close to you, Offering Yopal's Premier Pool Experience

At Hotel Camoruco we’ve taken care of every detail, even the pool. When staying in the city of Yopal, capital of Casanare, a swimming pool is a must. For this reason, we are one of the few main hotels in Yopal to have a beautiful Wet Zone for your relaxation and entertainment.

We connect experiences
We provoke inspiration
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Traditional breakfast

Enjoy our house breakfast, prepared with loving hands from the plains, which could surprise you with the authentic hayacas from Casanare. You can even order them and take them home, so you can share a little piece of our kitchen.

Your wellness is our commitment, which is why we’ve meticulously curated a range of wholesome snacks and time-honored beverages for your pure enjoyment.


Step into a space different from the conventional office, a realm for both work and networking. Our coworking area is ready for your tribe, for your community; even if you arrive alone, you will never feel empty. We’ve considered every aspect: a playlist tuned to your biorhythms, Yopal’s finest pastries, and the finest coffee offerings form our inhouse ally AURELIA BAKERY
Come and enjoy your day in a naturally friendly environment.

Unwind at our MAJAGUA Terrace

On the MAJAGUA Terrace you can relax, enjoy a good cocktail, snacks, and even meditate if you prefer.

MAJAGUA is thoughtfully designed to offer you a tranquil retreat where you can fully embrace the essence of the hotel. Nestled under the pergola by the pool, you can take a refreshing dip whenever you desire. And when you’re seeking ultimate relaxation, the Turkish bath and Gym are at your service, providing the perfect escape.

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