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Camoruco, close to you and everything else!

Hotel Camoruco in Yopal is close to

the Historic and Cultural Centre
of Yopal
to the Adventure
and Nature
to the Financial District
of Casanare

Close to you, taking care of your rest!

Our Destination

Yopal, Casanare

We invite you to explore the Colombian plains, to witness its sunrises, to feel the breeze of this unique land, and to breathe the sweet air that comes from where the plains take form. Immerse yourself in our enchanting landscapes, kissed by beautiful rivers and stunning skies.

If you’re looking for adventure, nature, diverse fauna and flora, an array of colorful birds, and the authentic gastronomy of Colombian plains culture, Yopal is the destination for you. Uncover the birthplace of Casanare, nestled between the foothills of the Eastern Mountain Range and the Cravo Sur Riviera.
Hotel Camoruco

Close to you, looking after your rest

At Hotel Camoruco, our beds are furnished with mattresses specially crafted to provide you with ultimate comfort. You can embrace the softness of pillows adorned with 250-thread-count linens, along with a couple of extra-firm pillows designed to help you unwind.

In our Yopal rooms, you can have a break while attending events, conventions, fairs, or congresses in Yopal. And naturally, you’ll have the chance to enjoy yourself, immerse your heart and mind in dreams, and experience happiness as you travel and explore the captivating Colombian plains. Hotel Camoruco guarantees a sense of being at home.


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Close to you, bringing relaxation to your work experience

For individuals seeking an experience that transcends the confines of a traditional office, our space offers inspiration and networking opportunities. So that when the day winds down, you’ll be ready to embark on a new beginning.

Camoruco: An Exceptional and Unforgettable Hotel Experience!

From the moment you step foot into Camoruco, you will feel the well-being of the lush greenery in our central courtyard, the birds that come to your table to accompany your reading and the trill of the birds that speak to you in secret.

The dedicated Camoruco team takes immense pride and joy in providing you with a home away from home on the Colombian Plains.

Hotel Camoruco

Exquisite gardens and tranquil courtyards

Within our premises, you’ll discover an expansive courtyard adorned with flourishing gardens showcasing native flora. This combination generates a remarkable microclimate that envelops you in coolness and relaxation, right in the midst of our warm and cherished city of Yopal.

Unveiling Experiences

With a prime location that lends itself to optimal birdwatching opportunities, our region boasts an impressive catalog of over 724 bird species recorded in the department.

Hotel Camoruco
Historias de Piedra Theme Park
El Guerrero del Llano Nature Reserve
La Iguana Park
Mirador de la Virgen de Manare (Viewpoint)
El Alcaraván Airport
Nacua Water Park
Hotel Camoruco Carrera 22 8-43 - Yopal 850001-9. Casanare Colombia View in Maps

8 de Julio House Museum

Florentino Hat Factory

Amala Object Store

La Res Restaurant

Chinchorros Factory

El Carcero Cycling Track

Unveiling Experiences

With a prime location that lends itself to optimal birdwatching opportunities, our region boasts an impressive catalog of over 724 bird species recorded in the department.

Sustainability Commitment

We are steadfast in our dedication to enhancing the systems that gauge the influence of our operations on the environment. Our aim is to safeguard and nurture the hotel’s biological diversity by seamlessly blending it into the landscape, actively fostering respect and admiration for the local flora and fauna.


Hotel Camoruco

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The Opinions of Our Guests

Lorena C.

In addition to its friendly service, this is also a great place in which to relax and enjoy an amazing experience. The spaces are absolutely wonderful, from the reception and communal areas to the pool and, of course, the rooms. Highly recommended!

Jose C.

Excellent service, delicious breakfast, clean and tidy rooms, very nice green areas. Ideal to rest after a day of work. Very friendly staff and collaborators.

Gustavo P.

The hotel has an excellent atmosphere and good staff. It is very well located near restaurants, warehouses and shopping centers. The breakfast is excellent and varied, and the rooms are clean and cosy.