Meet & Work

Close to you, to make working a relaxing experience

For those who want to live an experience beyond the four walls of a traditional office, and are looking for a location that inspires productivity, where they can connect with other people and professionals. And as the day draws to a close, you’ll be left with a sense of renewed energy, ready to embark on a fresh start.

Close to you, creating lasting memories during your celebrations
Stick with our digital nomad community to attend your work meetings, management committees, sales discussions, and all your business endeavors. Camoruco will provide everything you need for the job: you will have free Wi-Fi, a printing and scanning centre and the very best confectionery and coffee in Yopal: AURELIA BAKERY.

Should your visit be business-related, we offer intimate spaces where you can host clients or team members for focused activities in a serene and private setting.

Close to you, to create lasting memories during your celebrations

Seeking a venue to celebrate life’s milestones? Whether it’s a birthday, a triumph, or simply a reason to bring your loved ones together and put smiles on their faces, we have the ideal spot: MAJAGUA TERRACE. Here, inspiration merges seamlessly with connection, resulting in cherished memories for all.

To Celebrate or Work - Hotel Camoruco
To Celebrate or Work - Hotel Camoruco

We extend to our guests the opportunity to organize a variety of events throughout the day, ranging from work meetings, seminars, and courses to intimate celebrations.

Capacity (based on furniture layout)
  • Auditorium Style: 30 pax
  • School Style: 16 pax
  • Russian Table Style: 16 pax
  • U-shaped: 13 pax
  • L-shaped: 12 pax
  • T-shaped: 17 pax
Our function room
  • Measurements: 7 x 6.5 m
  • Air conditioning
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Audiovisual equipment: Projector, Smart TV and microphone.
  • Acrylic board + markers
  • Coffee station
  • Parking service
  • Refreshments

Close to you, when you want to try out and enjoy something simple but original

At the heart of our Meet & Work space, you can choose from a range of refreshing, healthy drinks, and also quench your thirst with a nice cool craft beer. We have also prepared a selection of healthy snacks for you to indulge your cravings. Whether you’re on the go or winding down for the night, these treats offer a touch of pleasure.